Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist,  Sub-specialist in Urogynaecology

Fees, Terms and Conditions


Gynaecology and Urogynaecology services:

Charlotte’s fees for  private gynaecology services will be discussed and agreed with you when you contact her secretary.


Maternity Services:

Full Obstetric Care consists of:

· Antenatal care, this usually encompasses the following appointments: 4 weekly up to 28 weeks, every two weeks from 28—36 weeks and weekly thereafter, however this is flexible depending on your personal needs.

· Delivery at your designated hospital which includes the “on call” fee meaning  that Charlotte will be standing by to attend at your delivery day or night.

· Charlotte will do all that she can to ensure that she is present for your delivery.  There are two circumstances in which she may not be present. Firstly if you have been previously informed well in advance that Charlotte has another professional commitment (NHS or private) or planned leave.   Secondly, if there are circumstances which may prevent Charlotte from attending your delivery (for instance if she is involved in a medical or gynaecological emergency) in which case she will arrange for another consultant colleague in whom Charlotte has confidence to attend you.

· Post natal follow up.

The fees of the Obstetrician (Charlotte), the Anaesthetist and any Paediatrician are separate. The hospital’s charges and the fees for the other specialists can be obtained from the private maternity hospital you have chosen.  All scans, blood tests and other investigations will be invoiced separately by the hospital.

The Fees for Charlotte’s maternity services will be discussed and agreed with you when you contact Charlotte.


Medical Insurance:

If you have medical insurance your  policy may cover all or only part of charlotte’s fees.  You are responsible for the full fees so please check in advance with your insurer. 


Medico-Legal Work:

Charlotte provides expert reports and evidence in a wide range of legal cases including obstetric problems after trauma from road traffic accidents and assaults, the clinical management of gynaecological and obstetric events and general obstetrics and gynaecology. For details go to Medico-legal services.  Hourly rate between £280 and £300 ph depending on the urgency and the complexity.


Charlotte’s Terms and Conditions, Fees & Data Protection & Privacy Protection Policy are found here.             


Medico-legal appointments



Medical appointments:


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     Charlotte’s Terms and conditions & Data Protection & Privacy Protection Policy are found here.                          


Private practice

Hospital of St John’s and St Elizabeth, St John’s Wood, London

Secretaries: contact phone numbers:

Mary Hodgson:

07502 950 290

Ellis Lance:       “